Friday, February 3, 2017

Whats the Point of Life? (List form)

    I've been looking for this answer for a while now and I had some theory's about it but some made no sense. This one below makes more sense to me then the other ones about life.   

  • Be born
  • Grow have some accomplishments
  • Make it through High school
  • Keep making accomplishments
  • Get into a college you want to
  • Make even more accomplishments
  • Get a job of some sort 
  • Have a family
  • Have good/bad memories with your family
  • Grow old
  • Last but not least pass away
       This is my opinion so if you think it is different then comment what you think on my new YouTube video about my life in 2 min

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Middle school to High school

   Since I am in high school I would like to give the younger generation some help with the transition into freshman year. I will give some examples that helped me like getting to know your type of music for example mine is techno/dubstep,friend group. Be friendly to your teaches because they will give you some slack on assignments. My school had link crew which was pretty much the upper class men showing us around and that was boring but it was fun meeting the upper class men giving their time to us. That helped me a lot with finding my classes and make sure you talk to people that have the same interest and some that don't. Get your work on time and if you have study hall then us that time wisely.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5.1, 5.8, 5.6 excerises

Checkers is a board game that I remember playing and the object is to move the pieces and the properties to the other side of the board and the pieces can be changed into kings by getting to the other side of the board and the kings can move any way they want. You are supposed to take out the opponents checkers by jumping over all of the opponents pieces one at a time to win the game.

Call of Duty is real time because it is player vs. player and it happens at the same time. Methods of control in Call of Duty is that you can determine how to move the player and how to win the game you want it to.

In the board game checkers you move the pieces diagonal but what if you had cards that said to move in a different direction then it would change the balance of the game.

Friday, December 18, 2015

4.8 4.9 exsercise

The storyline in Call of duty mets with the game play because through out the campaign it tells you how to play and who is in on the plot. As you where working with the enemy you are killing the enemy. It succeed because it was interesting to find out the real enemy.

 Mario is the protagonist and he has to save Peach from Bowser and this is introduced pretty early in the game. Mario resolves this by going through the maps and ending up at Bowsers palace. the tension rise by the player losing a life every time he dies. In the resolution Mario beats Bowser and Mario takes Peach home.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Exercise 4

1. Call of Duty because it is a first person shooter and involves strategy.
2. Rainbow siege six because it is a first person shooter and it is more realistic than COD.
3.GTA V because you can go around the world and do what ever you want to do.

I am the Competitor: Call of duty
              Explorer: Minecraft
             Collector: Angry Birds
            Achiever: Happy wheels
            Joker: Call of duty
           Artist: Minecraft
          Director: Roblox
         Storytelling: War of Warcraft
        Craftsmen: Minecraft

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Exercise 3.3 3.4

  • Player vs. Player - Madden Mobile.
  • Unilateral Competition - Black Jack
  • Multilateral Competition - Call of  Duty
  • Cooperative Play - campaign
  • Team Competition - Smite

Call of Duty-Is to kill the opponent
Halo - Is to kill the opponent
Minecraft - is to stay alive through the days and kill the zombies and creepers

Monday, November 30, 2015

2.5, 2.6, 2.7 excercise

In Fallout there are no rules. They prefer that you do the story but you can go off and build a house or kill a person that is going to give you a thousand dollars. This exercise is difficult because I don't normal play games that has no rules and I play games that have objectives and you are strictly to do what the designers made the game for.

Three games that are difficult is Flappy bird, Guitar hero and Mortal Kombat because I don't have good timing to hit the buttons and the screen at the correct time.

The premises for the games Clue and Guitar Hero. Clue is to find the killer and what they used to kill the person and Guitar Hero is to get the highest score. The premise of Call Of Duty is to kill the opponent and to get points to win the game. The premise of Forza Motorsports is to get first place and to upgrade your car.