Thursday, September 24, 2015

  • Tag-it was heart pounding fear to get away from the tagger.
  • hide and seek- it was scary trying to find a spot before they started looking
  • Pokémon- it was fun trying to get your Pokémon to evolve  
  • Tony Hawk skate- it was fun to get the best combo
  • need for speed- it was fun driving the cars to get first place
  • pong- it was fun trying to it the ball
  • Mario cart- it was fun because it is a racing game.
  • sonic- it was fun to try to get the most coins 
  • Marco polo- it is fun because you are trying to run away from the blind person
  • sharks and Minos- it was fun because you have to get onto the other side without getting tag

Monday, September 21, 2015

I don't think there is dead games when they arrive.

  I don't think that games arrive dead they become dead over time. This happens when new games come out and how much the gaming community likes them. Also how well they are marketed.
But I do think  Assassins Creed Unity is a dead game because it doesn't support first person players. It tells you what to do instead of free roam and it also feels like at tour.

Life as a Game

One area of a place to make a game out of is finding your way through school and getting to class on time. Another place is the mall with friends and parents and you have to get through the mall with the fasts time and the most items from your favorite stores. A third one is doing homework getting the best possibly score (grade). fourth one is playing a video game with a friend, a duel screen and get a positive k/d ratio. The fifth is you play Minecraft but you don't play the objective and you do it in less then 10 minutes.